Garmin MARQ Showcase display set.

Holds 8-15 watches.


  • Must be ordered with MARQ Lux Display (GRMRQDISP22)
  • Includes Rechargeable Power bank.

  • Details

    LED strip lights.
    Front loading.
    Premium materials.
    Wheeled base.
    Rechargeable power bank.

  • Dimensions

    Height: 50 inches. (W/ Shipping Crate: 67)
    Width: 33.5 inches. (W/ Shipping Crate: 48)
    Depth: 18 inches. (W/ Shipping Crate: 40)

  • Weight

    375 pounds. (W/ Shipping Crate: 485)

  • Materials

    Base: Metal/Wood combo
    Blocks/Stands: Metal/Rubber

Contact your local salesperson or Paradox FWC support at 800-847-9851, e. [email protected] for rebates, terms and conditions. 

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